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Welcome to the tranSMART Project wiki

The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation is a global non-profit organization devoted to realizing the promise of translational biomedical research through development of the i2b2 and tranSMART knowledge management platforms.  

This is the tranSMART project wiki.  It has links to information of interest to tranSMART users, developers, contributors, and the entire tranSMART community.  For more information about how the wiki is managed, or to contribute content to the wiki, see the Wiki Policies page.

The i2b2 project wiki can be found HERE.

If you need help you can reach the community and foundation via the options on the Getting Support page.

If you're looking for content from the old wiki that has not been migrated, you can find it at Legacy wiki.

Latest News

tranSMART 19.14 April 2022: The tranSMART 19.1 release is in preparation.
tranSMART 19.0 Release

21 April 2020: tranSMART 19.0 has been officially released for Postgres. An updated version for Oracle will follow when testing is completed.

To get started with 19.0, check the instructions to Install the tranSMART 19.0 release. The unsigned release artifacts can be found on the Foundation library server here. The Release Notes can be found here when they have been completed

tranSMART 16.3 Release

and tranSMART 16.2 and 16.1

6 August 2018: tranSMART 16.3 released

Release 16.2 is still available to download. See the 16.2 installation instructions. It was released in February 2017.

Release 16.1 is still available to download. See the 16.1 installation instructions. It was released in June 2016.

tranSMART Release 2017 Project Started

30 March 2017: tranSMART Release 2017 PMC (Project Management Committee) has its first meeting

With the conclusion of the development project 17.1, the tranSMART Foundation has initiated the formal project to merge the innovations and extensions to the tranSMART Platform in to the latest Release 16.2 source tree.

More details on Release 2017 are available HERE.

Administrator's Mailing List

We have created a mailing list for administrators of tranSMART deployments.  We will use this list to communicate directly with administrators to provide updates, important information on current and upcoming releases of the platform and to solicit suggestions for future versions.

Please use this link to add yourself to the Administrator's mailing list.

We similarly have a list for developers; sign up here. To make suggestions, ask questions or offer comments, you can also use this link on the Foundation website.

Foundation Servers

In particular, the regular Postgres demo installation is at now at This server is now running 16.2 Postgres. A release 16.2 test server can be found at A developer test server for the latest code base will be made available on

If you're trying to contact a server and cannot, please send an email to for the current status.

All news itemsOld news items can be found here.

General Information

i2b2 tranSMART Foundation Home PageThe Foundation website has more information about the Foundation: its members, governance, and history, as well as information about the tranSMART Marketplace and other information of interest to both potential and current users.

One-page overview of tranSMART

A brief overview of the system and the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation

2015 Bio-IT World Overview of tranSMART and the tranSMART Foundation

A more detailed overview of tranSMART, from the 2015 Bio-IT World in Boston
LicensingInformation about the licensing applicable to the platform
Use CasesSee how others are using tranSMART to advance their research.
tranSMART in the LiteraturetranSMART in the scientific literature

Using the Platform

Public Instances

These publicly-available installations, pre-loaded with public data, are an easy way to get your hands on the system and see what it can do.
Installing tranSMARTThere are several options for installing and running tranSMART in your own organization. These pages detail the various options including system requirements and detailed installation procedures.
Data Curators and LoadersThese pages contain guidance on how to organize data for loading into tranSMART, and instructions for the loading process itself. You will also find links to curated data sets that you can load into your own instance of tranSMART.

Trainings and Tutorials

Sign up for monthly online training sessions provided by Foundation members Rancho Biosciences and Thomson Reuters, or browse video tutorials that you can view at your own pace. See this page for information about monthly training sessions, and links to videos of past sessions.

User Guides

User's guides etc.
Optional PluginsThe community has developed a number of plugins that are available to all tranSMART users, but are not part of the base tranSMART installation. These pages contain information on these plugins, including how to install and use them.

Getting Support

Get help when things go wrong. Includes FAQs on common installation and configuration issues.

Developing the platform

Development RoadmapWhat's going on with the development of the platform ?
tranSMART 17.1 Requirements ProjectA project was initiated in Feb 2016 to develop detailed requirements, priorities, and implementation proposals for tranSMART release 17.1. The report and supporting materials for this project can be found here.
Technical DocumentationDocumentation of interest to developers.
Quality AssuranceInformation on how the system is tested, including test scripts, results, etc.
Development and Release-candidate test instancesThese hosted instances are available for development and testing purposes only.

3C Committees

The 3C Committees (Code, Content, Community) are the means by which the tranSMART Foundation governs its activities and allows the community to contribute to the platform.  On these pages you'll find information about the mission, projects, and activities of each of the 3C Committees.  If you want to contribute to tranSMART, this is the place to start !

3C: Code

The mission of the Code Committee is to maintain a thriving community that attracts a diverse group of highly talented software professionals who are empowered to create an open, reliable, useful and expanding Translational Research platform based on a vigorous and sustainable technical strategy.

3C: Content

The mission of the Content Committee is to ensure that the tranSMART platform provides maximum value through the data (and metadata) that it contains as well as the functionality it provides.
3C: CommunityThe mission of the Community Committee is to promote Awareness, Transparency, and Communication among all stakeholders in the tranSMART community.

Legacy wiki

Legacy wikiThis wiki is being released along with v1.2.5 of tranSMART, at which time the old wiki will be set to read-only mode, and all new content will be added to this wiki

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