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Nov 22 2015

  • The new wiki has been released, and new content should be created there instead of here. Some content may also be migrated from this wiki to the new one over the next several weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Keith Nangle.
tranSMART Open Source wiki

This is the home of the tranSMART Open Source wiki. We are in the process of building the community support site so please be patient with us as we post content relating to tranSMART and engage groups (academic medical centers, pharmaceutical organizations, disease advocacy groups) who can ultimately contribute to the public open tranSMART project.

The primary focus at this time for the project is to establish the initial open source code base. While features are an important component of the extension of the software the first phase of open source delivery is to establish an effective legal framework that allows organizations to clearly use the software distributed and to establish the mechanisms to handle governance of the open source project. As such we have planned work to complete in the initial road map from January - July 2012 to add capabilities to the code base over time.

You'll need an account to contribute to this Wiki. Peter Rice, Terry Weymouth and Kees van Bochove can create one for you.

tranSMART project goals

1. Break down historical silos across data resources to deliver a platform accessible through self-service to scientists for searching and querying available translational research data sets.

2. Provide a standard deployable data mart schema for the storage of combined heterogeneous data sets used in translational research studies including clinical trials, EMR, experimental assays, related primary observations and standardized analyzed results.

3. Simplify the process and reduce the costs of establishing translational research data management infrastructure

4. Deliver tools for deeper analysis of multi-modal data sets through web based or R queries using emerging or novel algorithms

5. Construct a framework for managing the curation of potentially useful data sets to annotate them with structured / controlled vocabulary driven tools to enable use with a broad base of reference and direct experimental data.

6. Generate visualizations of data linked to data types that provide use and value to researchers

7. Implement security and governance related controls on data to satisfy key compliance and organizational data sharing principles


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