The Glowing Bear user interface, in which already Health-RI (BBMRI & TraIT) and The Hyve have invested, is a modern, open source user interface built on top of the tranSMART REST API version 2, released with the tranSMART 17.1 Server release.
  • Supports time series, samples and cross-study queries!
  • Follow-up development and deployment are secured.
  • Investigating important integrations with partners
    • SmartR, HiDome, Borderline (eTRIKS)
    • Jupyter Hub / Notebook
  • Built on:
    • tranSMART REST API Version 2 (2017)
    • Angular 4
  • Open source:
  • Public demonstration server at, where you can login with demo-user/demo-user.

Contact Ward Weistra for more information.

Abstracted user flow in the Glowing Bear user interface

Please find in this Google Drive folder (

  • The presentation Health-RI/The Hyve gave at the i2b2 tranSMART symposium on the interface, which describes the concepts and reasoning.
  • The feature matrix comparing it to the transmartApp web interface.
  • Demonstration instructions of how you can evaluate most of the features. Please also note the 'not yet implemented' / 'known issues' list at the bottom.

Issues can be reported on Github at

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