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The documents on this page are the final versions from the tranSMART Foundation 17.1 Project.

These deliverables have been provided by the vendor, the Hyve, and accepted by the Technical Steering Committee for the 17.1 Project.

Use Case Documents LINK

Approval DateDocument NameVersion
 17.1 Project Introduction Presentation 
4/7/201617.1 Project Requirement Analysis and Use Cases1.0
8/11/201617.1 Requirements Document1.1
9/13/201617.1 Design Document1.2
7/10/201617.1 Project Plan1.2


17.1 Project Timeline1.2
8/9/201617.1 Release Plan1.0
 Third Party and Open Source Components for the 17.1 Project1.1
 17.1 Requirements and Priorities from Sponsors 
 Use Case Descriptions

Project Introduction:  tranSMART Pro project proposal.pdf

17.1 Project Requirements Analysis and Use Cases:  TranSMART17.1BusinessAnalysisSummary.pdf

Requirements: REQ - TMP (17.1) Requirements - Approved - V1.1 - 11-08-2016.pdf

Design: DES - TMP (17.1) Design Document - Approved - V1.2 - 13-09-2016.pdf


Project Plan:  PRE - TMP (17.1) Project Plan - Approved - V1.2 (TSF 10.07.16)(5).pdf


17.1 Project Timeline:  Transmart Pro Timeline v1.2.pdf


17.1 Release Plan:  17.1 Release Plan



Third Party Components:  CLO - Third party materials and Open Source components in 17.1 - V1.1.pdf


17.1 Requirements and Priorities:  17.1 Requirements and Priorities Final.xlsx

TopicAverageU.Mich.SanofiPfizerRocheIOITakedaAbbVieThe HyvePerkin ElmerThompson ReutersBoehringerRancho BiosciencesAverage
Clinical Data
Platform robustness and performance.3.754443444444423.75
Longitudinal data support3.174444114414343.17
Upgrade path2.923341144414242.92
Continuation of SmartR or SmartR like type of plugin visual analytic interface such as Spotfire and others.3.004441124444313.00
Cross Study Support2.924414144411342.92
Enable meta analysis, eg virtual cohort normalization2.083213141411312.08
Ability to link files to a specific patient. 1.924211134212111.92
Genomic Data
Support for high volume variant data3.0833333334414134414343.08
Support for ARVADOS (Mongo DB or similar platform e.g. iRODS)2.3333333331414114211442.33
FASTQ, SAM/BAM file store2.1666666671114114212442.17
GWAS analysis results1.9166666671111141214241.92
Imputed data1.5833333334111111412111.58
Variant Functional Annotation2.251113141413342.25
ADAM stack1.6666666673114111411111.67
Support for somatic and germline variants1.9166666672213141114211.92
Support for GA4GH API2.3333333334214111412342.33
Make expression data easy to normalize (e.g. in a cross-study analysis)1.752113111112341.75
Ability to rerun mutation calling pipelines to update the data stored in tranSMART1.251113111112111.25
Ability to further process data belonging to chromosomal loci and store into RDBMS (eg Oracle)1.51113111112411.50
Historization of data, access to updated data without data reload.1.6666666671113122112141.67
Integrated graf based database, be able to call up a single gene within one graph (NEO4J) Lightning1.4166666671113113111211.42
Support for Epigenomics1.754111113311311.75
interoperability with biobanking/LIMS systems1.8333333334111114313111.83
Support use of standard and internal proprietary ontologies2.754214144413412.75
Better support for robust ETL 2.3333333331413441411312.33
Finer grained access control 2.5833333334114114413342.58
Integration with LDAP/ADS1.9166666671411114111341.92
Access control integrated with informed consent11111111111111.00
More preloaded/api to trial and genomic data 1.9166666671114111411341.92

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