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Save the following script to a file, e.g.

if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
    echo "Completely remove a study. This includes clinical and omics data."
    echo "Usage: $0 <STUDY_ID>"
    echo " STUDY_ID: e.g. GSEXXXX, i.e. all caps"
sed "s/{STUDYID}/$1/" <<EOD
DELETE FROM i2b2metadata.i2b2_tags WHERE path=
  (SELECT c_fullname FROM i2b2metadata.i2b2
  WHERE sourcesystem_cd='{STUDYID}' ORDER BY c_hlevel ASC LIMIT 1);
DELETE FROM i2b2demodata.concept_dimension WHERE sourcesystem_cd='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM i2b2demodata.concept_counts WHERE concept_path IN
  (SELECT c_fullname FROM i2b2metadata.i2b2 WHERE sourcesystem_cd='{STUDYID}');
DELETE FROM i2b2demodata.patient_dimension WHERE sourcesystem_cd LIKE '{STUDYID}:%';
DELETE FROM i2b2demodata.observation_fact WHERE sourcesystem_cd='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM i2b2demodata.patient_trial WHERE trial='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM deapp.de_subject_microarray_data WHERE trial_name='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM deapp.de_subject_sample_mapping WHERE TRIAL_NAME='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM i2b2metadata.i2b2 WHERE sourcesystem_cd='{STUDYID}';
DELETE FROM i2b2metadata.i2b2_secure WHERE c_fullname='{STUDYID}';


Now you can generate the necessary SQL commands by running the script, giving the study ID as a parameter:


You can also directly execute the generated SQL:

bash GSEXXXX | psql transmart


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