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The tranSMART Architecture Working Group is part of the Code stream of the tranSMART Foundation.


To develop and monitor the tranSMART application architecture, and to coordinate and ensure the sustainability of the development efforts done in the tranSMART community.


Currently active members:

  • Jay Bergeron, Pfizer (as head of the Code stream)
  • Terry Weymouth, University of Michigan
  • Dan Weaver, PerkinElmer
  • Florian Guitton, Imperial College
  • Hugo Berube, Pfizer
  • Michael McDuffie, Harvard Medical School
  • Yike Guo, Imperial College (tF CTO)
  • Keith Elliston, tranSMART Foundation
  • Gustavo Lopes, The Hyve
  • Ruslan Forostianov, The Hyve
  • Kees van Bochove, The Hyve (current WG lead)
  • Kevin Smith, University of Michigan (facilitator / tf Community Manager)

This group is open to join for other architects and developers that work with tranSMART and are willing to contribute! See the call details below, and please contact Kevin Smith from tranSMART Foundation (kevin.smith at for any questions on the meetings or other logistics.

Communications schedule

Bi-weekly calls via GoToMeeting at Thursdays, 10:00 EST (starting Jan 8, 2015):

Latest meeting of core developers: 19-23 January, 2015 at The Hyve in Utrecht

Latest user meeting with participation of architecture working group:

Title: EU Project Informatics Alignment Workshop (IMI eTRIKS)

Goal: Synchronize tranSMART development roadmaps between IMI and other European projects planning to invest into tranSMART development

Date and time: April 28 & 29, 2015, Imperial College, London

See also: tranSMART 2.0 Architecture Roadmap

Call schedule (2016)

January 7Across Trials / Ontology Servers (1)Kees van BochoveNotes
January 21Scalable Genomics (1)  
February 4Across Trials / Ontology Servers (2) Notes
February 18Suggested Approach on Longitudinal Data and Cross-Study in tranSMART 17.1Kees van Bochove 
March 3Scalable Genomics (2)Kees van Bochove 
March 17Cancelled  
March 31Open Forum  
April 53C Code Stream Meeting (Bio IT World, Boston)John O'Hara 
April 14Cancelled  
April 28Arvados and tranSMART (1) Notes
May 12Architectural choices for tranSMART 2.0 UI prototype Notes
May 26Cancelled  
June 9Shortened to a standup on 16.1  
June 23Microservices architecture for tranSMART 2.0 / 17.1 projectKees van Bochove 
July 7New user interfaces for tranSMART from IMI eTRIKS and IMI Translocation  
July 21Cancelled - summer holidays  
August 4Cancelled - summer holidays  
August 18Cancelled - summer holidays  
September 1Cancelled - Proposal sent for new timeslot: Tuesdays 17:00 ?  
September 15   
September 29   
October 13   
October 27Cancelled - TranSMART Annual Meeting, La Jolla  
November 10   
November 24   
December 8   
December 22   


Previous meetings - 2015

April 2Way of working in the community Way of working
April 16Architecture 2.0 Whitepaper Draft doc
April 28 & 29European / IMI project alignmentsImperial College team / Yi-Ke Guo 
May 14   
May 28   
June 11   
July 9Handling longitudinal dataKees van BochoveHandling longitudinal data
July 23Building new UI's on the RESTful APISjoerd van Hagen / Tim Dorscheidt 
August 6Brainstorm on possibile Hackathon projects at Annual MeetingKees van BochoveHackathon Topics / TranSMART 1.3
August 20Architectural approach for scientific compute backendKees van Bochove 
September 3Send out Hackathon topics  
September 17Hackathon preparation - SparkRDiego Werba 
October 1Cancelled - conflict with Annual Meeting Organizing Committee call  
October 15Hackathon preparationKees van Bochove 

October 30

  • Friday
i2b2 in tranSMART - Longitudinal queryingMichael McDuffie

NOTE: Change from our standard slot to Friday !!

NOTE: Shift to standard time in Europe

November 12TBD NOTE: Shift to standard time in US.
November 26Cancelled - Thanksgiving  
December 10Architecture considerations about using i2b2 backend in tranSMARTKees van Bochove 
December 24Cancelled - Week of Christmas  


Current goals and topics (2015)

- Create a formal strategy for contributing tranSMART code, for the core as well as for plugins
- Formulate a roadmap for the development of tranSMART 2.0
- Kick off tranSMART 2.0 development by cleaning up the codebase

Draft tranSMART 2.0 architecture requirements document: here

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