Release candidate testing - 19.1 Public Beta - ready for testing.

These hosted instances are used for staging Alpha and Beta release-candidate instances; every effort is made to keep these sites up and available. From time to time, one or the other, may be down for updating of the release-candidate instance or the instances data. During these times, or if you otherwise find the site unavailable, please contact Peter Rice for further information.

tranSMART 16.2 included a number of new plugin features contributed by the tranSMART developer community, in addition to bug fixes. tranSMART 16.3 was a minor update that includes Oracle support.

There is a new installation procedure for Ubuntu-18 that is designed to be simpler and more reliable. We are looking for volunteers to test alternative versions for other Ubuntu releases and other Linux distributions.

See these links for details of status (also linked as "Child Pages", below)

Reporting a bug on the Beta Release.

To report a bug encountered on one of these instances, use the 'Report A Problem' button that is visible in the lower right corner of most pages in the web application. Clicking on this button should create a pop-up window (assuming that such a browser action is not disabled or otherwise suppressed). Fill in the form in the pop-up window and submit it. This will generate a JIRA bug report in the correct JIRA project for releases of 19.1 (Alpha, Beta, or Final). This button and its reporting functionality will also be part of the release. 

Continuous Integration - Testing of latest development changes to code

    •  v19.1 developer test installation, Postgres (name temporarily disabled, instance currently reused as the Oracle 19.1 release test server)
    •  v19.1 developer test installation, Oracle (waiting for addresses)

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