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  • The version of tranSMART you are using (19.1, 19.0, 16.3, 6.2, etc), what operating system, what database/version, what data loading tool.
  • The steps leading to the issue, what happened and what you expected instead. Screenshots are very much encouraged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs cover topics that appear frequently in support discussions.

Solr is an open source tool for indexing documents and/or database
queries for rapid search. It actually enables version complex optimization 
of the search and results. In our case, it runs as a separate web service 
on its own port, specifically it is (by default) running on 
The tranSMART web application uses this web-based tool for its search 
capabilities: the browse page, the sample explorer page, and portions of 
the analysis page and GWAS page.
Often blank results or “failure to load” results can be attributed to the 
fact that Solr is not running. As a “quick and dirty” check, log into your 
tranSMART host and run the following unix command:
$ curl -o check.txt http://localhost:8983/solr/#/
You should receive a page, written to check.txt, that contains a comment 
block, at around line 5 that start with "Licensed to the Apache Software 
Foundation (ASF) . . .”. If you are unable to connect to the port, it means that solr is not running.
Also the command:
 $ grep "title" check.txt
should return the line:
  <title>Solr Admin</title>
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