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New Comparison tab


The layout of the Comparison tab has been redesigned for 16.2. Instead of a fixed 3 queries per subset on the initial display, there is now a single query box for each subset.

When a node is dragged into the available query box, a new box is automatically opened for further criteria.


Here we query Asthma_Tsitsiou_GSE31773 for two Trial Arms and then limit to the Female subset of the 'Severe Asthma' cases. 

The queries are used in the same way as in previous releases.

See also: HiDome functionality to allow high dimensional nodes to be used to build queries.


Feature name


Description of the plugin suitable for inclusion in documentation


(screenshot, QA tests)

To be used as screenshots in documentation and as standard QA tests for correct functionality and to pick up changes to results.


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