The following plugins have been developed by members of the tranSMART community and are included in the tranSMART distribution but are by default disabled.. They can be enabled by changing configuration options in the Confgig.groovy file.

If you decide to install and use one or more of these plugins, please consider adding a comment to this page that indicates which plugin(s) you are using, along with your experiences.  This will help us gauge the demand for these optional features and whether they should be developed further for inclusion in a future release. 

PluginDescriptionRequires Version
Analysis Jobs Tab

A separate tab to report the status of analysis jobs launched in the background by the current user. Disabled by default as most users run their jhobs interactively.

To enable, define = true

TranSMART-XNAT-Importer plugin

This plugin was developed as part of the TraIT project, and provides a means of easily downloading image-derived data (for example, tissue volumes) from an XNAT server. It adds a configuration panel to your tranSMART instance that lets you map data from XNAT into concepts in the tranSMART database. It can also link to patient-specific images directly from a tranSMART data view.

The plugin is only available to users with an administrator role within the Admin tab.

TranSMART-XNAT-Viewer plugin

This plugin was developed by Imperial College London for a medical imaging project. It adds an additional version of the "GridView" tab including XNAT images linked to patient data.

Configuration requires the XNAT server connection details and enabling the tab.

To enable, define = true

TranSMART 1.0 Search

The original user interface from before tranSMART became open source is still included in the code base. It has not been used since the tranSMART 1.2.x (16.1) releases, and is disabled by default.

To enable, define = true

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