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QA Testing

Also See: Google Doc spreadsheet

Testing is needed on multiple levels. The current testing procedures are described below.

Version 1.2

TypeStatusIn Google Doc?Script Verification pageDescription
Pfizer scriptsDocumentedYesGUI Script Verification (still need IE-TM-* tests)Walk-through scripts for v1.2 release provided by Pfizer, includes gene signature
Sanofi scriptsDocumentedNoSanofi Script VerificationWalk-through scripts for Sanofi RC2 feature testing browse, analyse, data types, grid view and export
Pfizer GWAS scriptsDocumented

Walk through scripts for GWAS in v1.2 release provided by Pfizer
Genome BrowserDocumented YesSee Google DocTest script for the integrated Genome browser
Cross StudyDocumented

Walk-through scripts for cross-study testing (data required)
RESTful APICode available

Run transmart-rest-api/examples test scripts edited for test servers

Version 1.1

TypeStatusScript Verification pageDescription
GUI scriptsDocumented
Walk-through scripts for Pfizer GUI testing of v1.1 search, advanced workflows and security
Gene Signature FunctionalityDocumented

Walk-through scripts for Gene Signature Functionality

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