SmartR is aimed to provide a highly dynamic and interactive way of visualizing and analyzing data within tranSMART. In its current state tranSMART does neither allow the dynamic visualization of data, nor does it permit any post-processing interaction. Using recent web technologies SmartR generates visual analytics within the web browser rather than making use of static images. This provides the user with the possibility to explore and interact with the data while background scripts ensure that heavier computations are carried out by the tranSMART server, maintaining a responsive user interface. Although SmartR strongly focuses on functionality it also seeks to provide a visually more appealing design to make the graphical interface more user-friendly and intuitive

Current Development Team

  • Sascha Herzinger (eTRIKS, LCSB, University of Luxembourg), Main Developer
  • Rogerio Martins (eTRIKS, Sanofi), Testing

If you would like to become part of this team please contact: sascha.herzinger@uni.lu



Regular Meetings

Date (3PM CET)AgendaNotes
March 10
  • A common roadmap 
  • tranSMART 16.2 / eTRIKS 3 
  • SmartR JIRA 
  • SmartR Wiki

March 24
  • Status Update 
  • What goes into 16.2? 
  • Any projects in near future? 
  • Workflow & feature discussions
Sanofi Heatmap Requirements
April 21
  • Status Update
  • Sanofi Mockups
  • New mutation data workflows
  • Future of this meeting

Sanofi_SmartR_Correlation_(Scatter Plot)_Mockup.pptx



SmartR Testing documents

May 19
  • Status Update
  • LineGraph Mockup
  • New mutation data workflows
Sep 15
  • Status Update
  • 16.2
  • Time Series Workflow
  • TBD


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