The tranSMART Foundation wiki operates on the following principles:


  • All content on the wiki is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).  If you contribute content to this wiki, others (licensees) are free to share and/or adapt the material, including for commercial purposes. Licensees must provide proper attribution of your work.
  • The wiki is a means of sharing information of interest to the membership of the tranSMART Foundation and its community of users, potential users, contributors, and developers.  All content on the wiki is accessible to the public.
  • There are a small number of topics at the top level of the wiki, such that it should be clear where to find a particular type of information.  Do not create new top-level topics if your new content belongs to an existing topic; instead create new pages under that topic.
  • If you want to contribute content to the wiki, or comment on pages, you will need an account; send a request to with your full name and email address.  You will be given a Confluence account which will allow you to comment on pages; if you also want to contribute content please indicate so in your email.  
  • Page owners are responsible for reviewing content of their pages at appropriate times (e.g., at the time of a new release, a Foundation-sponsored event, etc.) to ensure that it is current and correct.
  • Obsolete pages will be archived to a separate wiki.


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