In early 2015, the tranSMART Foundation embarked on the development of an infrastructure to manage the specification, development, release and support of the tranSMART platform.  In late 2015, the Foundation published a roadmap for the platform, which calls for two annual releases of the platform at ~6 month intervals.  The first release under this new paradigm is the 16.1 release (first half of 2016), which is the first version of the platform to be produced by the Foundation following its new code governance and quality standards process.  As a part of the roadmap, the Foundation has also defined the set of community-developed features that are candidates for the 16.2 (second half of 2016) release of the platform.  The Foundation has not played a direct role in the development of these features (with some minor exceptions), but has worked with the community to ensure that these features are developed to the new quality standards of the Foundation so that they can be readily incorporated into the 16.2 release.

The Foundation has now entered into a collaborative process with the community, for specifying the features and requirements for the 17.1 version of the platform, and has conducted this project to gather requirements and use cases among the Foundation membership to prioritize these requirements, and to engage with developers who could develop software under the direction of the Foundation and its membership.  The team developed a report that summarizes the conduct and results of this project.

The final report for this project can be found here:


The presentation made to the Foundation Board at BioIT World on Apr 5 2016:

tranSMART Pro project proposal.pdf

Following the original business analysis project and the tranSMART Pro proposal above, a subset of stakeholders (the 'tranSMART Pro Alliance') decided to move forward in two areas of the overall requirements: longitudinal data and scalable genomics.  The detailed requirements for this effort are here:

tranSMART Pro v17.1 Consolidated Req v1.2.pdf

The current timeline for the tranSMART Pro effort is here:

Transmart Pro Timeline v1.2.pdf

Combined Requirements and Priorities

This spreadsheet contains a summary of the requirements that were discussed in the original business analysis project (not tranSMART Pro), and their priorities from each stakeholder individually as well as averaged.

17.1 Requirements and Priorities Final.xlsx

Use Case Documents

The following documents were provided by stakeholders as part of the project.  Some are in the form of conventional use cases and others are more narrative descriptions.

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