The tranSMART Foundation started the 17.1 Project with a broad survey of Members, partners and users of the tranSMART Platform to identify key new features that were desired for their future work.

More tha a dozen organizations participated in this process that included site visits and details interviews looking for use cases and specifics on the types of work that these users and developers would like to see in the Platform.

Top Priorities from these interviews:

  • Platform robustness and performance
  • Longitudinal data Support
  • Cross Study Support
  • Support for High Volume Variant Data
  • Upgrade path/i2b2 integration
  • Continuation of SmartR or other plugin visualization/analytical tools (e.e. Spotfire)
  • Support for standards and internal proprietary ontologies
  • better support of flexible ETL

From these interviews, more than two dozen use cases were developed and a set of requirements was developed.   Next funding was sought to support the development of the new capabilities.

In the end, there were a set of three Modules and four Sponsors who made an investment in to the 17.1 Project.

The Hyve was awarded the contract to do the development work.

Details on the Project 17.1, the design documents, user requirements and use cases, as well as the formal Project Plan are all available in this wiki on the following sections.

Project 17.1 completed in March 2017 and the formal project to merge in to a full release of the tranSMART Foundation Platform was begun with the creation of the Release 2017 PMC (Project Management Committee).  More information about Release 2017 is available HERE.

Status Updates

31 Oct 2016Development documents released: 17.1 Project Document Repository
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