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git --version
make --version
java -version (version JDK 7)
ant -version
mvn --version
tar --version
rsync --version
php --version (5.4 or higher)
g++ --version
gfortran --version
R --version (3.1.2)
psql --version (9.2 or higher)
groovy --version (2.1 or higher)

The following files, directories, links should be present:



The \l command should return an entry for the transmart database (owned by postgres).  


Tomcat will need to be running (tomcat7 is used here). The default instillation installation on Ubuntu will present a service that supports the following commands:

  • sudo service tomcat7 status
  • sudo service tomcat7 start
  • sudo service tomcat7 stop
  • sudo service tomcat7 restart