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Following the 2015 Annual Meeting sponsored by the CTMM/TraIT project and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the tranSMART Foundation has an updated development roadmap that envisions a new release roughly every 6 months.  The roadmap extends through 2017 and targets a commercial-grade, Long Term Support release in 1H2017.  The presentation below provides more details on the rationale and timelines of the roadmap.

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tranSMART 16.2 Release (Feb 2017)

These pages contain information on the current status of development of tranSMART 16.2.

tranSMART Pro 17.1 Development

These pages contain information on the current status of development of tranSMART 17.1.

tranSMART Platform 2017

These pages contain information on the upcoming next release of the tranSMART Foundation Platform.  It will contain both the results of the development project tranSMART Pro 17.1 as well as all of the feature of 16.2.  The release is expected later in the summer of 2017.

tranSMART Roadmap

This wiki entry describes the tranSMART Foundation’s release policies for the tranSMART Platform.

Release planning is coordinated through the tranSMART Foundation’s JIRA database.   For ideas about what you might contribute to the platform and roadmap, please see the “Project Suggestions” and “How to Contribute” pages.

Release Numbering

The tranSMART development roadmap is maintained by the tranSMART Project Management Committee

Release NumberingThe official tranSMART Foundation tranSMART releases are numbered in the form


of releaseyear.number.  That is, for the first release of 2016, the release number is 16.1.  The second release for 2016 is 16.2, etc.  Releases are planned every 6 months.

Release Process


The tranSMART platform is on an overlapping six month development / six month release cycle, which will result in a new release every six months.  Thus, the Foundation has an active development cycle AND an active release cycle running at all times.  For a release, a branch date is selected for the release

Recent and upcoming tranSMART Releases

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Older tranSMART Releases

tranSMART Release 16.1 (aka v1.2.5) - Release 1st Half of 2016

Release Process Improvements