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For the purpose of developing tranSMART tree Ontologies we will group studies into 2 major Categories:

I. Drug Discovery and Development Studies

  1. Discovery Studies
  2. Preclinical Efficacy and Safety Studies
  3. Clinical Trials

II. Observational Studies/Natural History of a Disease

  1. Cross-sectional study
  2. Case-control study
  3. Cohort study
  4. Ecological study

Table of Contents

I. Drug Discovery and Development Studies

I.1 Discovery Studies

Data from Wet Lab experiments to discover new drugs, new drug targets or biomarkers of response to specific classes of drugs can be classified as "Discovery Studies". Data collected in these types of studies are usually phenotypical information about cells and cell lines, readouts of cell based assays, in-vitro protein-protein, protein-DNA and other interactions. Discovery stage studies can also include experiments on disease animal models. New targets and drug candidates discovered in this phase don't always proceed to the next phase of drug development. But analyzing this data with genetic and other biomarkers could generate additional insight into disease mechanism and help plan new discovery efforts or development of personalized treatment. 


I.3b tranSMART tree for Parallel Design Clinical Trial curated for loading with tMDataLoader (pre-installed on tranSMART 16.2) can be downloaded using the link on this page in the Resources section (2).

II. Observational Studies/Natural History of a Disease

II.1 Cross-sectional study

II.2 Case-control study

II.3 Cohort study

II.3a tranSMART tree for Cohort NEPTUNE Study