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Another key distinction is i2b2’s support for SQLserver. transmart started out as Oracle only. The open source projects added postgres but nobody has addressed any SQLserver issues. Creating the database is relatively simple - it is very close to the Postgres code. Issues will arise in the remaining SQL code and in translating and testing ETL stored procedures/functions, but as these are repetitive the task is lighter than it appears at first.


TranSMART 19 adds support for added code for the new interactive analysis plugin "Fractalis." This superseded project is a successor to SmartR in tranSMART 16.2, which in turn supersedes the Advanced Workflows in tranSMART 16.1 and earlier.

Implementation of Fractalis depends on the development of an Application Programming Interface between Fractalis and tranSMART to export data for analysis. Available prototypes cover only the modified schema developed in the tranSMART Pro project. A fresh development is needed for tranSMART.

Coverage of the available analyses is incomplete. There are Advanced Workflows that are not in SmartR (though part-tested code is available to provide them) and similarly workflows that are not
provided by Fractalis.