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If there is interest in restoring the earlier capabilities this will require only modest changes. Should we also add warnings about comparing different samples in the varuious analysis methods?

Time series data

There is limited support for time series in tranSMART. Customisations by Sanofi introduced in 16.2 recognize metadata for series labelled by hour, day, week, month,  year and can produce a time scale on, for example, a LineGraph in the Advanced Workflows.

This feature relied mostly on capabilities added through the tMDataLoader ETL tool to define time units in additional columns.

These capabilities could be made more generally available for other ETL tools.


The TranSMART Pro project (2016-17) was funded by 4 pharamaceutical Industry partners to address a set of Use Cases involving longitudinal data, improvements to clinical data and workflows for genomics. The code was developed and released as "tranSMART 17 server-only" with the capability to query longitudinal data through a new Application Programming Interface (REST API v2).

There were some significant changes to the tranSMARt schema to incorporate visits

New data types

At the Paris 2017 i2b2/tranSMART European users meeting a group gave a talk describing their integration of flow cytometry data into tranSMART. This could be imported into tranSMART 20.