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There are public instances of tranSMART servers that you can try out without having to install anything:

v16.1 2 Postgres demo serverpostgres-demo.transmartfoundation.orgThis is a Postgres demo instance, and contains many test studies. Log in with user 'guest', password 'transmart2016', or user 'admin' password 'admin' (for functionality that requires admin permissions).  If you have questions, email
eTRIKS public instancepublic.etriks.orgThe eTRIKS project (European Translational Information and Knowledge Management Services) was developed to support projects under the EU's Innovative Medicines Initiative, and provides a public instance with no login required.
The Hyve demo servertransmart-demo.thehyve.netA public demo instance, provided by The Hyve. Log in with user/user. Can be used to test the tranSMART R interface and tranSMART Android client.  If you have questions, email 
SmartR demo serveretriks1.uni.luA public demo instance, provided by University of Luxembourg and maintained by Sascha Herzinger. No login required. To test the SmartR functionality. More information at the SmartR page.