tranSMART 16.2

The tranSMART 16.2 was released in February 2017 for the postgres database.  The Oracle version is expected in a few weeks.

Access to an demo installation or the 16.2 release can be found HERE.

Installation instructions can be found HERE.
The release can be found as signed artifacts (recommended) for download HERE and on the tranSMART-Foundation Github HERE in each repository as the branch 'release-16.2'.

Presentations at the tranSMART Foundation Annual Meeting Session A2 explored the release and details on the new capabilities that can be seen HERE.


The goals of this release are:

Continuous process improvements

Technical improvements

External interfaces & plugins from the Community


New and updated features

New features in 16.2New features not described under the plugins below
Issues fixed in 16.2This is the current list of JIRA issues being worked on for 16.2 (including those that have been completed). This includes JIRAs from 16.1 as well as new entries.
SmartRInteractive analysis workflows to supersede selected advanced workflows
HiDomeSupport for high-dimensional data in Comparison and Summary Statistics
Ingenuity IPA ConnectorIngenuity pathway analysis workflow under SmartR
XNAT import (TraIT/Erasmus)Import of clinical variables from XNAT image systems
XNAT viewer (Imperial)Links from grid view to images in XNAT systems.
GWAS enhancements (Pfizer)Updates to GWAS analysis tab from Pfizer
GWAS PLINK (Clarivate)Launch of PLINK to run new analyses
Dalliance genome browserGenome browser fully supported from release 16.2 
Metacore PluginMetacore plugin fully supported from release 16.2
ETL improvementsImproved scalability, updates to ICE tool, closer integration with tMDataLoader